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Thursday, November 24, 2011


Living Word Publications
New York, NY
Genre: Fictional Romance/Suspense/Mystery Novel
Rating: Highly recommended
ISBN: 9780615556857, $14.95, 280 pp.

Quoting from the back cover:

“From the award winning author, J.T. Twerell, comes a new romance/suspense novel, Catch and Release. Two lives from vastly different backgrounds, drawn together by fate, cause an explosion of love, passion, adventure, and ultimately a reason for a shared journey.

“Within 24 hours, they meet on vacation in New York, have a passionate affair, shoot and kill a man, become involved in two gun battles, receive wounds and end up in Miami, Florida. This is only the beginning!

“J.T. Twerell is an author as well as a practicing Psychotherapist in Manhattan, NY. His works are a cross-section of fiction and non-fiction including his novel Signal 30 which won the Readers View Reviewers Choice Award in 2011. For more information go to: www.jttwerell.com.”

When Catch and Release arrived, I didn’t know if I’d do a review or not. Then I opened the book, read the prologue and was delightfully hooked...only putting it down when the need for sleep or the demands of life prevailed.

And so, what do we have here and why is it so special? First, we have a suspense-filled, mystery/romance, fiction/non-fiction novel guaranteed to engage and hold you to the very end. And second, as to why it’s so special, we have a gifted, consummate author, J. T. Twerell, who takes us on a trip which feels believable and so we follow as he leads us through the convoluted maze he’s created. He writes in the third person about Jennifer Blade, “J”, the complicated femme fatale who continually morphs as we try to define and trust her. Dr. Steve Sanders, a New York therapist, is our first-person-perspective protagonist who also tries to define, trust and love “J”. The uniqueness and quality of the novel stem from the non-fictional psychotherapeutic insights into human nature and Steve’s subtle, easy-going humor and personal therapist, Johnny Red.

The story flows--keeping those pages turning–and is nicely balanced. The references to the ‘catch and release’ concept throughout ties it all together. Catch and Release has enough naked ladies, action and suspense to keep the men interested and enough female superhero, romance and true love for the women. It would be a delightful movie. Highly recommended.

Kaye Trout - November 24, 2011