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Monday, July 12, 2010

MIND U by J.D. Guinness

Stories from a different school of thought
Outskirts Press, Inc.
Denver, CO
Genre: Fiction/General
ISBN: 9781432746357, $27.95, 553 pp.

Quoting from the back cover:

MIND U is an anthology of adult humor, satire, fantasy, sex comedy, and sci-fi. Stories that take things to a higher intellectual plane; via celebrity gossip, slapstick humor, busty women, and action-packed, ridiculous detail. MIND U takes you to London, Paris, Hollywood, New York, Hawaii, Vancouver, and Winnipeg. Back to the beginning of time, then all the way forward to the end of time, and then back again to the present day. You’ll meet some very beautiful, amazing people and witness some very intimate, adult secrets. You’ll go places and have adventures that’ll get your blood going, your mouth laughing, and your heart singing. Buy the book, take a seat, open the book and prepared to enter...MIND U! WARNING: Some readers may find sections of the book offensive. Other readers may put these same sections on their ‘to-do’ list.”

I couldn’t have said it better or more succinctly. MIND U is an unforgettable read...lots of fun, craziness, and extreme imagination put together by the accomplished, intelligent, witty writer of The Famous Fakes, J.D. Guinness. If you like Kurt Vonnegut-type humor, you’ll love JD. Allow me to quote from the beginning:

“Welcome to Mind U: a different school of thought; a university of the mind, a place for contemplation of what might really be going on out there.

“I find contemplation of ‘what might really be going on’ very useful. After all, from the time we’re born we’ve got to decide what’s real and what isn’t.

“I’m middle-aged, and I still have trouble making that distinction. I mean, I basically understand how some things work, I just don’t understand why.

“To this day, nobody knows why we’re born, grow up, grow old, and die.

“What sets this journey going? Maybe it’s not so much a journey as a fall. That means we’re falling, vertically, through our lives, getting bumped and bruised on our long, long, way down, only to become a spread-eagled, lifeless bag of bones at the very end....

“The best way to deal with your fear of the unknown is to enroll in Mind U. Right now.”

Yes, I highly recommend MIND U for a unique, adult read and also, if you haven’t, The Famous Fakes which I reviewed March 2006.

Reviewer: Kaye Trout - July 12, 2010