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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


iUniverse, Inc.
Bloomington, IN
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Rating: Good
ISBN: 0595443024, $14.95, 206 pp.

Quoting from the back cover:

"According to the ancient Mayan Calendar, time as we know it will stop on December 21st, 2012. But what does this actually mean?

"Rebecca Larson, senior dolphin behaviorist at SeaWorld, San Diego, has a theory. She believes that the cooperative way dolphins live is the very reason they have thrived on earth for millions of years. What’s more, she see the end of the Mayan calendar as a moment when humans may truly begin to integrate these same peaceful behaviors.

"Dr. Troy Wallace, a pioneer in the study of dolphin echolocation, is convinced that he is on the verge of an incredible scientific breakthrough. Recent research suggests that dolphins may send three-dimensional sonograms to each other, and Dr. Wallace hopes to be the first to decode and view these images.

"As handsome as he is shallow, Souther California television celebrity Ryan Ericson finds himself on a path that intersects with the lives of Dr. Wallace and Rebecca. Together, they are thrust into a mystery of coincidence and discovery connecting the Mayan Calendar end-date, dolphins and the very fate of humanity.

"What The DaVinci Code did to shed light on the mysteries of the Holy Grail, The Aquarians does for the ancient Mayan Calendar. I cannot imagine a more timely or enlightening novel. - Dr. Jim Turrell, Founder of the Center for Spiritual Discovery."

The theme of The Aquarians is most contemporary, and I’m certain there will be many more books written about ‘the end of time’ the closer we get to 2012. The subject matter makes for an informative, interesting read, though the storyline is not unique. Through his novel Eric Rankin shares his knowledge, experience and understanding of dolphins and the Mayan culture. He does an excellent job of weaving the multiple facets together to a full-circle conclusion. His style of writing is straight forward, educated, and the book is well edited.

Kaye Trout - June 4, 2008