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Friday, March 15, 2013

DOUBLE MAYHEM by Sam Berretti

Seeing is Not Believing - A Seekers Mystery
CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Genre: Fictional Suspense Mystery
Rating: Excellent
ISBN: 9781480291485, $13.99, 384 pp

Quoting from the back cover:
“They say for every person in the world there is a twin. For Doris Watson, that simple wisdom becomes a nightmare reality that threatens her and the ones she’s come to love. An ex-military engineer who leads a quiet life as an appliance designer, she is recruited to perform one uncomplicated task: take a handoff of secret plans from a Chinese agent who believes she is someone else. She accepts the assignment and the only person she can blame is herself. She opened the door. She said yes. Her lonely existence is shattered as headstrong men cross her path. Dangerous men with dangerous needs. Suddenly embroiled in mob killings, espionage, and policy investigations, she has become a billion-dollar target of sadistic crooks, the FBI, the NSA, and her psychotic look-alike. It is up to her to protect herself and the mysterious child who has been thrust into her life. No one is who they appear to be. No one is telling the truth, because the truth can make you dead. Forced to use all of her training and wits, she must find a way to survive.

“Some days you just shouldn’t answer the door.” 

Thoroughly captivating…fast-paced, action-packed, convoluted, intricate, personal, realistic, sensitive, contemporary.

Double Mayhem, Sam Berretti’s first novel, is an absolute winner…not missing a beat from the first paragraph…flowing, weaving, tantalizing to the finish.  Berretti is a gifted, consummate writer with a refined sense for balancing character, plot and description. The novel is well edited, and I’m certain you will not be disappointed. Looking forward to the next Seekers Mystery.

Kaye Trout – Reviewed 3/15/2013