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Saturday, December 17, 2011

KODACHROME by Jason Jahns

North Star Books
Genre: Fiction
Rating: Unusual
ISBN: 9780984749102, $12.99, 340 pp.

Quoting from the back cover:

“A global revolution cuts across cultural, economic, and geographic divides; it is an epic conflict between the forces of rampant greed and demands for fairness and dignity.

“Our two heroes are extraordinary yet solitary–reluctant warriors who never meet. Miranda Carter is a cloistered graduate student dispatched to meet her estranged Mormon grandmother and examine a bizarre medical prognosis. Zhuli Cai is an unassuming young Chinese army officer willing to give everything to save the members of his unit. He hold a heavy secret.

“Miranda and Zhuli are thrown headlong into technological and supernatural intrigue and deceit. They reckon with true impossibilities and face their own worst fears in a world of double-crosses, prophets, spies, presidential candidates, and Chinese revolutionaries.

“On its way to a truly surprise ending, Kodachrome will beguile you with thriller-like tempo, the foresight of science fiction, deep social truths normally found only in histories, and a plot that you have never seen before–anywhere.”

Kodachrome is, indeed, a most unusual novel; however, it did not capture my interest, and I found it hard going...hard to follow along. The two separate stories within the novel should not have been a problem, but I didn’t connect with either. I don’t think I can put into words where the problem lies because I’m not quite sure. When you open a new book, you hope to connect in some way and allow the author to take you on a trip, to entertain or to educate. That just did not happen for me, but it may happen for you–we all have different tastes. On the positive side, Kodachrome is well written and well edited.

If the promo on the back cover stirs your curiosity, and you want to decide for yourself, give it a read--the price is reasonable.

Kaye Trout December 17, 2011