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Friday, August 26, 2011


Two Pitts Publishing LLC
Genre: Fiction - Political Intrigue
Rating: Good
ISBN: 9780615499369, $13.95, 303 pp.

Quoting from the back cover:
“What if the unthinkable were about to happen, which should you fear more the upcoming apocalypse, or your government’s efforts to keep you from finding out too soon?

“If the end was near for all mankind who would you trust to tell you the truth?

“If you knew there was a chance to survive an apocalypse, who would you want to survive with you and would it be your decision to make?

“If the government has a secret list of ideal survivors of a potential cataclysmic incident, who made those decisions and who is on the list?

“If humans are given the opportunity to survive the coming event, can they survive the inhumanity of man?

“Alex Hanken will become one of the most important men in US history...but there are those who will come to fear him more than the coming apocalypse.

“Fear...Distrust...Deceit...a relentless killer.

“Courage...Perseverance...Patriotism...and an American hero.

“All come together in this book about a struggle to survive, to preserve a way of life, and to what ends men will go to achieve it.”

To begin, New Earth: Project O.N.E. is the first book in the New Earth Trilogy, and as such R. D. Pittman is off to a good start. This suspense novel is a page-turner of a read filled with fast-paced action by fast thinkers. Most of the story has to do with the discovery that earth will be hit by multiple asteroids, how to keep this a secret, and how to prepared for the devastation. There are lots of deaths–anyone who might know or cause a problem must die; there’s some light romance–both American and Russian–and family; and of course, there are the power people. The story flows smoothly, has a definite contemporary flavor, and a surprise ending.

D. R. Pittman’s writing style is typical of the average novel; he tells the story and gets the job done, but there’s nothing special to savor. New Earth: Project O.N.E. is well written, well edited, and has an attractive cover. And, yes, I can recommend this read.

Kaye Trout - August 26, 2011