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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

YOUR ROOM AT THE END - Thoughts About Aging We'd Rather Avoid by Charlie Hudson

Brown Books Small Press
Dallas, TX
Genre: Non-fiction - Aging Issues
Rating: Excellent
ISBN: 13: 9781612547657, 200 pp., currently available on Kindle - $5.59.

Quoting from the back cover:
“After enduring several painful months witnessing the decline and ultimate death of a loved one, author Charlie Hudson recognized that she needed to radically change her views on the realities of aging. Known for her easy storytelling style in both nonfiction and fiction, Hudson departs from her usual subject matter here, tackling aging, mental decline, and death–topics we so often avoid.

“Hudson’s perspective reaches far beyond the knowledge that we will all pass away; in Your Room at the End she weaves her own experiences with advice from doctors, nurses, accountants, estate experts, and other professionals providing answers to questions we are reluctant to ask or never even knew we had to ask.”

Your Room at the End is an exceptional collection of pertinent information for all aging seniors and their families. The book is divided into 2 sections: Part I - This is Not Supposed to Happen to Me and Part II - Enhancing and Sustaining Quality of Life. In Part I there are 6 chapters: 1) Aging and Death: What to Fight and What to Negotiate; 2) Defining Your Quality of Life; 3) Golden Years–More or Less; 4) Basic Financial and Other Planning; 5) What Kind of Care? Where? When?; 6) Who Gets to Choose?. Part II does not have chapters but succinct sections, i.e. Balancing Your Life Program, When Physical Rehabilitation Is Required, Building or Reinventing Your Space, What Technology Helps?, Downsizing Made Easier, Practical Pets, Galaxies and 1,000-Piece Puzzles, Considerations for Independent Living or Care Facilities, Summing It Up.

The title, Your Room at the End, is a very appropriate title and for some unknown reason reminded me of another significant book in my life, A Room of Your Own by Virginia Woolf. The cover has a poignant ambience--an artistic truthfulness–about it. The book is attractive, professionally presented and well edited.

Charlie Hudson is an consummate writer...I’ve reviewed many of her books. She generally does an excellent job, but in Your Room at the End Charlie has excelled beyond her norm. She’s done a superb job in her research, organization and presentation of information to assist us in making difficult decisions as we become seniors. I’ll be 70 myself this year and have already had to make changes, plans and decisions. None of us know what lies ahead, but we can plan to the best of our ability and financial situation with the assistance of family, and this book will help you do just that. I highly recommend Your Room at the End.

Kaye Trout - July 20, 2011