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Saturday, July 30, 2011

THE ADVENTURES OF D'ARTELLO - Book One: Love and War by Donald Previe

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Action
Rating: Excellent
ISBN: 9781462042166, $16.95.

The Adventures of D’artello is a prolifically action-packed fantasy adventure with a tight cast of characters: our protagonist, D’artello, the young warrior; Tanya, his young adopted sister; Joseph, a warrior friend; Gerrik, supreme warrior and D’artello’s father; Sali, an ex-girlfriend; Gina, a female warrior, Phantoms, Alphas, Harmony, Unity, Elan, King Garo and Arbello, the winged evil one. The story begins in the Kingdom of Vaukry and ends at Arbello’s ice pslace.

In Chapter 1 D’artello finds himself in a dream of darkness and danger. He is told by the Peacemaker, Harmony, “Rise, my warrior, as you will save all of humankind.” He replies, “You keep saying that, but how could I accomplish such a feat?” To which she replies, “Oh, my dear D’artello, you will know soon enough. Enjoy the last of your life with mortals. Soon you will soat with the Peacemakers.”

And so, we are led to believe...this is going to be a typical hero faces challenges to save the world, but in truth, you will genuinely be surprised at the conclusion of the first in this adventure series.

I will not say anything further about the story, but I do want to express my admiration for Donald Previe’s writing gift...his style and quality, imagery, imagination, descriptive ability, tempo and flow. As I am not a fan of the fantasy genre, it was Donald’s quality of writing that kept me reading. If you like lots and lots of combative encounters between warriors and adversaries, you will absolutely love The Adventures of D’artello.

Donald has been writing since he was 8 years old and is now 22. I do hope as he continues to write that he will express his gift in other genres beside fantasy. The Adventures of D’artello has not been published as yet by either mainstream or POD publishers, and the only way to get a copy is to contact Donald directly via email at: dprevie@gmail.com. If you’re a fantasy buff, you will not be disappointed.

Kaye Trout - July 30, 2011