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Saturday, September 12, 2009

SMALL BUSINESS RU!ES by Mathew Dickerson

The 52 Essential Ru!es to be Successful in Small Business
Artwork by Paul Zanetti
Genre: Self-help
Rating: Good
ISBN: 9781419689437, $34.95, 140 pp.

Quoting from the back cover:

“From one of Australia’s leading IT entrepreneurs comes essential insight into running and expanding your small business. Do you set your standards high enough? Do you maximise the talents of your employees? This book gives you a straightforward, hands-on and humorous guide to help you:...”

In my educated opinion, if you have a small business, you’ll find nothing new here that you haven’t already heard or read. However, there are 52 colorfully illustrated cartoons by Paul Zanetti and these are entertaining. There is basically one page for each rule and one page for each cartoon. The text is double spaced and the print is dark for easy reading. Do I think the information in this book is worth $35? No, but remember...set your standards high and Rule 13, Life isn’t fair! The sooner you accept it the better.”

Kaye Trout - September 12, 2009