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Saturday, August 01, 2009


Bloomington, IN 47403
Genre: Factual Fantasy
Rating: Good
ISBN: 9780595495887, $13.95, 175 pp.

Quoting from the back cover:

“The trees of Southcrop have made a striking discovery–one that could change the world for all their kind. But they are trapped in a forest fragment and face destruction from human sprawl. They cannot spread their new-found gift across the land.

“The Auja, a young oak, finds little Fur amongst her branches. Fur is a legendary creature not seen for a thousand years, a single intelligent being emerged from a colony of caterpillars. Fur is small and meek and slow, but can travel through the forest and talk with trees. Auja persuades the reluctant Fur to help.

“Fur embarks on a desperate quest to find the source of all tree power–the mysterious Riverside Farm. Here he must gather the trees’ great treasure and carry it across Oak River to the forest of Deep Sky.

“Fur’s long trek is fraught with peril as he races to reach Riverside Farm before it is destroyed. Ghoulish enemies hunt him while machines wreak their deadly havoc. Yet Fur’s journey is one of enlightenment as he learns about the ecology of his world, the threat of the human species, and finally, the secret of his existence.”

Lorne Rothman is a good writer and has created a fantasy tale around the subject of ecology. He holds a PhD in zoology and has studied ecology at several universities. The story is set in current times in a real forest, and prior to writing his story, Rothman studied all the flora, fauna and history of the area. If you enjoy fantasy adventures with a realistic twist, you might consider giving Southcrop Forest a try.

Kaye Trout - August 1, 2009