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Thursday, July 09, 2009


Genre: Memoir
Rating: Average
ISBN: 9781439218099, $12.99, 120 pp.

Quoting from the back cover:

“Witty, wise, and darkly funny, The Alcoholic’s Guide to Adventure by William Rutger is a fast-paced, derisive memoir of a drunk who came to walk the straight and narrow after one too many late night escapades. In this autobiography, a newly sober Rutger will illustrate how life came full circle after the deaths of his father and son, “wasted” millions, and his then ever unfurling grip on reality. Hurrah–it might have been a long road to all is well, but the trip was worth way more than the tab.”

I had mixed feelings about this book and a difficult time finishing it. From a woman’s standpoint, a woman raised in an alcoholic home, I did not find it funny, witty or wise...with one exception...his advice not to give advice. The author’s big adventure was partying most of his life, and the book is not really a guide, but ‘guide’ makes for a catchy title. He doesn’t mention his wife much in this cathartic memoir, and as far as redeeming qualities, all the male alcoholics I’ve known were true animal lovers–maybe for the unconditional love? And yes, “genetic alcoholic” should be stamped on genetic alcoholic’s birth certificates. It might save a lot of future heartaches.

As for style, William Rutger is an educated writer and the book is well edited; however, I had the feeling I was listening to an alcoholic ramble, for whatever that tells you. There are no cured alcoholics...just recovering, and if they think they’re cured, their arrogance is still in the way. Many alcoholics might enjoy this book, but not the friends and families. Do you think my past experiences with alcoholics has had some affect on my perspective?...just possibly. My alcoholic ex-husband called the day before he died to say good-bye and that he was looking forward to a new adventure.

Kaye Trout - July 9, 2009