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Monday, April 27, 2009


Outskirts Press, Inc.
Denver, CO
Genre: Fictional Fantasy Romance
Rating: Very Good
ISBN: 9781432729639, $19.95, 288 pp.

Quoting from the back cover:

"Archaeologist Ashton Bryke unearths a priceless cache of ancient golden jewelry. The discovery could secure him fame and fortune for life–but he is willing to bury it again forever...to spend one night with the treasure’s owner, the most beautiful woman who ever lived: Helen, Princess of Troy.

"Helen keeps her side of the bargain and materializes in all her luscious glory in Ashton’s hotel room. But the wily princess has also made a bargain with Zeus, and she has plans for the wealthy, handsome archaeologist. For Ashton is an inveterate womanizer, and she has come to life to reform Ashton’s licentious lifestyle in order to expiate her three-thousand-year-old sin of adultery.

"Why would Ashton Bryke resist the advances of the world’s most beautiful woman? What powerful inner force could compel this ladies’ man to contain his lust despite overwhelming temptation? Only another bargain–one with an otherworldly payoff for both Ashton and Helen. But if they succeed as a team, what kind of reward will they expect next? The answers lie hidden in: Helen’s Treasure: Odyssey of a Ladies’ Man.

"This light-hearted story of desire and deliverance originates in Turkey and crosses the sparkling Aegean to Greece and back again–filled with romance, music, art, sailing, dining, and philosophical inquires along the way."

Helen’s Treasure is a multi-faceted novel starting with Greek mythology and evolving into contemporary feminist issues. Aysel, a young Muslim woman, feels dominated by her brother Berk, Ashton’s friend, and her father. She is attracted to Ashton but also angry and outspoken about his promiscuous reputation and motives. There is conflict throughout...male/female, brother/sister, family, friends, east/west with a Muslim twist and a happy ending.

Andrew Rodriguez is an educated writer who weaves a colorful tale of mythology, sociology, countries, cultures, religions and love. Aysel asks Ash if he’s open to a woman’s advice? He says yes, and of course, she gives it to him. Quoting from page 131-132:

"Then you’ll need to change your ways by paying more attention to our sentiments and viewpoints. Admit that in addition to butts and boobs, women have more than enough gray matter to judge essential issues, as well or better than men...

"Isn’t men’s refusal to share and understand women’s values one of the main reasons couples seek professional counseling? Come on, Ash, it’s nothing but common sense...."

Amen...so simple and yet it says so much. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Kaye Trout - April 27, 2009