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Monday, March 30, 2009


BookSurge Publishing
Charleston, South Carolina
Rating: Average
ISBN: 9781419656873, $15.99, 38 pp.

Quoting from the back cover:

"Frolicking fun, Charlie and Mama Kyna by international award-winning filmmaker, Diana Rumjahn, is the unique, robust and lively tale of three friends, Charlie, a frog, Leo, a lion, and Joe, a giraffe–all ready to be loved. Young and older readers alike will revel in the graceful innocence and camaraderie as these three plush buddies, presently without a home, journey to find one. Together they go home to Charlie’s mother, Kyna, who lives in a little white cottage with big red brick steps. Over the wall and through the big city–it proves to be quite a journey. Originally a film, Going Home, that has been shown worldwide and an official selection at the prestigious The Times British Film Institute’s London Film Festival, the colorful story of this book inspires emotional involvement. This group of plucky pals will capture the hearts–and imaginations–of new audiences everywhere."

Sorry, but my take on this little book is that there’s not much in it to entertain or educate young readers, and the back cover quote is a lot of hype--'robust, revel, graceful innocence, plush buddies, plucky pals.’ The eleven illustrations are, indeed, creative and colorful, but not worth $15.99. Possibly in Rumjahn’s film, Going Home, there was a wall, a big city and a friendship-bonding journey, but they’re not in this 23-page story.

Kaye Trout - March 30, 2009