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Sunday, December 28, 2008

A BRIDGE BACK by Patrick M. Garry

Inkwater Press
Portland, OR
Genre: Fiction
Rating: Very Good
ISBN: 9781592993321, $16.95, pp 225

Quoting from a portion of the back cover:

"Eighteen years ago, on a stormy night, the worst tragedy to ever hit Mount Kelven occurred on a lift bridge over the Esarno River. Many said it was caused by two reckless young people on their way to a Justice of the Peace.

"For 18 years, Nate Morrissey has stayed away from his hometown of Mount Kelven. He didn't even return for his grandfather's funeral, or to try to stop Laura's wedding. But this long absence is about to end."

A Bridge Back is a novel full of intrigue, tragedies and dysfunctional people. Patrick M. Garry is a talented/gifted writer who excels at weaving simple, yet complex stories about real people and real problems. Can Nate and Laura change 18-year-old attitudes in a week or two? Can they begin new lives and forget the tragic past? Should there be a happy ending for Nate after 18 years of self-centered detachment and selfishness? Will Laura ever find some happiness? Is the story believable? No, but then again...yes, in a dysfunctional, true sense of life.

Patrick Garry is a pro and I like his style.You might too.

Kaye Trout - January 5, 2009