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Monday, September 01, 2008


Llumina Press
Genre: Self Help
ISBN: 9781605940458, $9.95, 132 pp.

Quoting from the back cover:

"All of us go through life once. Life is not a rehearsal. Life is a series of choices that lead us to our destiny. We make choices about all our actions in life, such as how we treat others, how we communicate to others and how we help or hurt others. We choose the kind of jobs that we want to do, where we want to live, and the kind of families that we want to have.

"Life can be deceiving and we’re not always sure what to believe about the kind of world that we think this is. A lot of things don’t make any sense. We don’t always know what we want out of life or who we really are. Few, if any of us, ever reach our full potential intellect.

"Life may not be as easy as we think. It’s a tough world and life isn’t that easy for all of us. Life is hard work, and we should be prepared for what life deals out. The more that we educate ourselves and understand the mysteries about life on Earth, the easier our lives can be. All of us are looking for the brass ring, and we may wish to know many things to get the best out of our lives.

"To be successful and happy, we have to make the right choices. Every day and every minute we have choices to make, even if they’re not to make any choices and to do nothing. Most of our choices care be very difficult. Our choices can affect our friends, our families, our co-workers, and anybody else that comes into our lives. If we make the wrong choices, our lives become harder to live. Our lives can be full of problems. We know that our futures are going to be full of choices, and at this very moment we are going to start making the right ones."

This little book has been written from a good heart with hopes to inspire. David W. Dorris has done a good job at getting down to basics and everyday problems. He writes in a straight-forward, simplistic style as he tells us how he preceives the world and what we should do. Life Is Too Short is well edited and for the price of $9.95, you might give it a try.

Kaye Trout - September 1, 2008