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Monday, April 28, 2008

THE LAST DEER HUNT, A Yooper Mystery by Jerry Sarasin

Outskirts Press, Parker, CO
Genre: Fictional - Mystery - Light Romance
Rating: Very Good
ISBN: 97891432717414, $14.95, 422 pp.

The Last Deer Hunt is a classic mystery story about a protagonist named Hank Duval, his family and friends in the town of Fairhaven, Michigan, the unearthed body of Ronald Pettiford, and Hank’s love, Maggie. Hank has recurring nightmares from his youth which lead him to believe that he is Pettiford’s murderer. His buddies from the Omega gang tell him bad Vic Pollo, now dead, was the murderer...but something just isn’t right.

Jerry Sarasin is a Yooper from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He tells a good story which keeps you guessing while he brings Fairhaven and its people to life.
The novel is well written and generally well edited. There are a few minor editing errors, but that is true for most any mainstream novel. His writing style is pretty straight forward and flows smoothly...not dynamic or unique, but he gets the job done. I can certainly recommend The Last Deer Hunt to mystery buffs.

Kaye Trout - April 28, 2008