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Thursday, January 24, 2008

PROSPERITY CONSCIOUSNESS by Chutisa and Steven Bowman

Leading Yourself to Money with Conscious Awareness
2021 Pine Lake Rd, Lincoln, NE
Genre: Self-Improvement
Rating: Typical for New-Age Consciousness books
ISBN: 9780595425969, $15.95, 150 pp.

Quoting from the back cover:

"Is it possible to unleash the power of your consciousness over money? According to authors Chutisa and Steven Bowman, the answer is a resounding ‘yes.’ With their revolutionary financial guide, Prosperity Consciousness, the Bowman’s explore how and why people obscure, diminish, contract, and cast a shadow on their prosperity consciousness. Once you understand these limitations, you can then destroy and undo the lies keeping you mired in financial insecurity.

"Unless your prosperity consciousness expands, your relationship with money will remain unchanged, trapping you at the same degree of limitation and financial mess. When you receive more money, your financial confusion will simply grow in proportion to the amount you obtain. Stop falling for "get rich quick" and anti-conscious money-making schemes, and focus on the Bowmans’ unique Access Energy for Transformation philosophy of living.

"This philosophy helps you change your viewpoint on money, prosperity, and abundance and provides you with tools, inspiration, and transformational processes you can use on your path to financial success. Ease the expansion of your prosperity consciousness, and set in motion a whole new way of being and living with awareness. Let go of your limitations and create a more abundant, prosperous, and joyful life!"

On the front cover above the title it states: "A First-of-a-Kind Financial Guide."

Hello . . . I don’t think so. If you’ve read any of the many books on finance and consciousness, you’ll immediately recognize this book for exactly what it is–one of the contemporary cons where the authors and publishers are the ones to experience financial prosperity when you purchase their new-age hype. The power of positive thinking and the law of attraction have been promoted for many years now...they’re nothing new. We all know that a positive attitude will enhance whatever we do.

The book is well organized and here’s a sample of chapter headings: 1) Money and Consciousness; 2) Money Is Not the Problem: The Problem Is Our Unwillingness to Receive; 3) Gifting and Receiving; 4) The Power of Gratitude; 5) Living In and As the Question; 6) Following the Energy; 7) Whatever You Would Like to Be, You Have to Be It Now, Right Up Front; 8) Being Out of Control, Out of Definition, and Out of Limitation; 9) Do What You Enjoy in Life; 10) Living on the Creative Edge; 11) Prosperity Consciousness Is a Choice; 12) What Else is Possible?

Considering the financial problems of the world at the moment, I would say that LifeMastery–the authors’ international organization dedicated to expanding consciousness in the workplace so that consciousness can spread throughout society and transform the world–is not the solution. Save your $15.95 or better yet, give so that you can receive. Spend your money on something fun or fattening, while at the same time adding your financial support to shoring up our ailing economy.

Kaye Trout - January 24, 2008