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Monday, January 21, 2008

HOW TO BE A CREATIVE GENIUS (in five minutes or less) by Gary Unger

Sherian Publishing
2700 Braselton Highway, Dacula, GA
Genre: Humor
Rating: Poor
ISBN: 0979567629, $14.99, 114 pp.

This little book is divided into 8 chapters: Genius Introduction, Genius Mentality, Genius Dress, Genius Work Flow, Genius Health, Genius Excuses, Genius Advertising and Genius Spice of Life. Gary Unger includes 2, 3 or 4 remarks on a page, such as: Be vegetarian, Watch only two TV shows, Listen to only one FM radio station, Never watch the news, Be anti-religion, Do drugs. In addition to these curt suggestions, he provides some "De Facto" information, scattered here and there.

I think this little book was meant to be funny, but I personally did not find that so. I felt it was a waste of time, effort, money and paper, and for the asking price of $14.99, it’s an insult to the American consumer. Please, save your money for something more entertaining and informative.

Kaye Trout, January 21, 2008