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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A RUMOR OF DRAGONS by Michael A. Heald

Lulu Press, Inc.
Genre: Fantasy Fiction
Rating: Very Good
ISBN: 9781430325093, $19.95, 396 pp.

Quoting from the back cover:

"On Ganus, a world with two unchanging faces, the great dragons disappeared long ago.

"Marc Courtenay swallows his anger when his friends laugh at him behind his back and his father uses him as a pawn in games of political intrigue. After all, what good is a prince born without hands? What can he hope to accomplish? Better to enjoy life’s pleasures and let the world take care of itself!

"But when the kingdom falls, Marc is plunged into a world he has never known, where myths come alive, legends kill, and a rumor about the return of the great dragons will decide the fate of all.

"As he flees for his life, Marc is aided by a minor wizard, a disgraced empath, and a dwarf dragon who cannot fly. He discovers that even a handless prince can change the course of history. However, first he must learn to entrust his life to those he comes to love and to discover the courage to act when all hope seems lost before he can confront the growing menace that threatens to rip Ganus apart."

As I have said in past reviews, the fantasy genre is not one of my favorite genres; however, I do review such novels when they are submitted. It is my opinion that A Rumor of Dragons is an exceptional fantasy novel which I found to be most enjoyable. It is quite an inspirational story with a unique hero. Michael Heald is a consummate writer with a creative imagination, and hopefully, one day his name will be included along with Robert Jordan, Jonathan Stroud, and Christopher Paolini as a contemporary fantasy writer.