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Thursday, September 13, 2007

TRILOGY - THE LOVE GENERATIONS by Neferti-ti Pranya Hamza

Llumina Press
PO Box 772246, Coral Springs, FL
Genre: Poetry
Rating: Very Good
ISBN: 9781595266217, $9.95, 136 pp.

Quoting from the back cover:

"The name Trilogy celebrates three generations of love: grandmother, mother, and daughter.

"Poetry gives us the freedom we need when our voices are not enough. With the support of family and friends, the author embarks on a journey of self discovery, and Trilogy speaks of the experiences she has along the way. This is Neferti-ti’s second book and one she hopes will make her grandmother proud."

The truth shared in this collection of poems and verses clarifies for women of contemporary cultures that we are indeed sisters and have much in common to share–our romances, marriages, divorces, families and friends. Neferti-ti’s writing style is understandable and yet, poetically unique. Allow me to share one of her poems with you, from page 3, titled Aches and Pains:

"When the ache in my feet
had me tired and beat
I tried to walk away,
but you begged me to stay.

When the pain in my knees
had me filled with unease,
you smiled and just said,
Baby, let’s go to bed.

When the ache in my chest
just would not let me rest,
you promised you’d change
anything to avoid being estranged.

When the throbbing in my head
filled in what was unsaid,
I knew what I had to do.
Get rid of my headache...you!"

Now, isn’t that so true?...the progression of a declining relationship. Why do they think taking you to bed is the answer?, and what is it that we want them to change?...which they never do.

Yes, Trilogy, is a book for women, about women, and one which women of all cultures can understand and appreciate. I don’t think most men would be interested as they don’t really want to know or change. So, it’s either accept them as they are, if you want one, or nurture your friendships and do without. Of course, we all have hopes and dreams, and don’t give up yours. Miracles do happen!