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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Aventine Press
1023 4th Ave, San Diego, CA
Genre: Western/Fiction
Rating: Very Good
ISBN: 1593304927, $12.50, 165 pp.

Quoting from the cover:

"William Hart is a family man with a hidden past. When a greedy and ruthless land baron hires gunmen to murder the town sheriff and take over the county, Will embarks on a mission for justice–a mission that could cost him more than his life.

"From the West Texas frontier in the 1870s, this is a story of courage, friendship and family love."

Peacemaker of the Pecos is a classic western, and C.E. Edmonson has done an excellent job in telling this tale. The story is well written and well edited. Allow me to share a small portion with you, from page 58:

"Gently, Will removed the sheriff’s silver badge, wiped it against his shirt, and put it in his pocket. He tore the note off the body, crumpled it up and threw it into the street, where a gust of west wind took it. Then he took away the shotgun shells, tossed them on the ground, and gently closed Noble’s mouth. He lifted the shot gun, snapped it closed and stood it up against the window. He placed the Stetson, which he turned frontward, over his friend’s face, as if to shield him from the bright light of the lanterns.

"Then Will bowed his head, and wiped his blurred eyes. He placed a hand on his dead friend’s shoulder, and whispered, "I’m so sorry, Colonel." He stood there silently for a moment more, until a slight tremble shook all his muscles at once. He knew what he had to do. It wouldn’t bring Noble back. But it might help him rest easier.

"Will drew the pearl-handled Colt .45 Peacemaker from the holster. He cracked the cylinder and saw that the revolver was still fully loaded. He slipped the pistol back inside the leather and slid it in and out, making sure it was loose and did not stick. Then he removed the shoulder harness from the body and strapped the rig across his own chest. He turned to the crowd and asked, "Anyone seen Granger and Marlowe?""

If you enjoy true-to-life westerns, you will enjoy this novel.