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Monday, September 24, 2007


Genre: Personal Commentary
Rating: Average
ISBN: 9781430326816, $12.96, 144 pp.

Quoting from the back cover:

"The Challenge of Being a Woman was written, in part, because of the author’s intense dislike of the offensive designation of whore or ‘ho. She believes that the inimical appellation has practically become a synonym for woman, used frequently and indiscriminately by men whose reason for using it seems to be nothing more than their disdain for women. The book is her brief account of the long and arduous struggle of women in what she perceives to be a man’s world. It examines some serious issues, but frequently with subtle humor."

This small, easily-readable book is divided into 20 chapters: Telling It Like It is!; Opinionated Whore or Man-hater?; I am Woman-Hear me Roar; Memorable Women; Amazon Women-Myth or Fact?; Is the Devil a Woman?; Platonic Relationships; To Marry or Not-That is the Question; How do I Look?; Games Women Play; Thinking about Sex; Prostitution; Pornography; Polygamy, Harems, Concubines and Geisha; Sex Crimes; Sex Scandals; Domestic Abuse; Dead-beat Dads; He says-She says; Conclusion.

Pat Estelle has certainly tried to cover it all, and what I heard as I read was a woman roaring . . . possibly out of frustration over the general status of women in today’s society (though she states on page 16: "... I love men, am not angry or bitter, and do not wish to be spiteful or vindictive...."). In this book Estelle has taken the time and made the effort to organize her thoughts and beliefs concerning women’s problems. However, she does not address how we got here, how we have contributed to the problems, nor what we should be doing about them. She does state in the Conclusion chapter: "In spite of evidence to the contrary, I believe there is hope for humankind. I am optimistic that during future evolvement, men and women might undergo real significant changes, become less fragile, more desirable and incorruptible creatures, ones that can’t be damaged or broken so easily, and are without so many defects and flaws."

My personal commentary in response to Pat Estelle’s book is: 1) it’s always easier to find fault than solutions; 2) who or what told us that life is fair; and 3) aren’t we responsible in someway for these problems? A simple solution which would bring about a major change in male attitudes would be for women to organize and agree to close their legs . . . in other words, . . . to say no. As this has not happened, it is my take that the majority of young women have voluntarily (porn being an excellent example) agreed to participate in their degradation which we view daily via TV and other media, as women strive to stimulate, excite, and sate the male’s sexual appetite. And in the end, what IS IT ALL really about?... being desired?, being wanted?, being loved?, competing for males?, or is it economics? I am sure the answer is not a simple one, but we, as women, do need to look within ourselves for the answers as to how and why we have arrived at this place.