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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

STINGY JACK by R. Scott Taylor

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Genre: Mystery
Rating: Good
ISBN: 9781601452511, $16.95, 308 pp.

Stingy Jack is a fast-paced, fun read about a professional thief named Adam Beesler. It is two tales in one–Adam’s jewel heist and 17th century Ireland as told by a spectral rogue name Jack O’Keeffe. Can this young thief stay alive as he unravels the mystery?

R. Scott Taylor is an interesting writer with a snappy style. The book is well written and edited. Here’s a sample of his writing from page 5:

Police sirens ripped the silence, getting closer if Adam’s exceptional senses remained so. His light steps intensified. A man running on a cold night might turn a head or two and draw unwanted attention. A straight line beats a meandering one, and Adam’s path couldn’t have been much straighter.

Adam cursed the face-chilling wind while facing a well-lit gas station within walking distance. Frostbite might claim him as its victim if he lingered. Ears ached, making him wish for earmuffs; his hands provided the earlobes little comfort as his breath steamed from his chattering teeth.

A lone driver topped off his yellow taxi’s tank; the nozzle spurted precious fuel onto the concrete. The older man’s wool scarf draped his heavy brown polyester jacket. The right sleeve’s rip was double stitched in a frugal attempt and his cotton gloves bore multiple tatters.

To have such fortune on a chilly night, Adam wasted no time in taking advantage of the luck. " Excuse me, Sir!" Adam trotted over to the cabby, making sure nothing escaped his pockets. "Excuse me, but are you taking fares?"

If you enjoy a good mystery, you may enjoy this story.