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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

DEAR DAD - Life Through the Eyes of an Adult Child of an Alcoholic by Kelly Phillips Bookamer

Llumina Press
Genre: Poetry
Rating: Good
ISBN: 9781595267979, $9.95, 64 pp.

This small book of poetry is divided into nine chapters: Roots, Refuge, Unfortunately, Relationships, Life and Death, Darkness, Beloved, Miracles, and Dear Dad. Kelly Phillips Bookamer is an adult child of an alcoholic–her father–and Dear Dad is the story of her life expressed through poetry as she struggled to come to terms with a troubled childhood. And here’s Dear Dad.

Your future was full to tomorrows
Yet, your tomorrows end today
You sat so close to Utopia
But you were a million miles away

You carried a heavy burden
Your soul was black and blue
But all along the answers
Were buried inside of you

Every shoulder was for leaning
Every arm was open wide
But how does one swim freely
Against an impossible tide?

Waiting for you to change
Into the person you could be
Was like waiting for the sound of ashes
To fall upon the sea

Now your pain is only a particle
Floating on a quiet breeze
Your weariness is washed by waves
Over kind, contented seas

I wish you an eternity of laughter
I pray you think of me
Dad, your anguish is over
You’re free. You are finally free.

You decide.