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Friday, April 06, 2007

THE OTHER SIDE OF YORE by Joseph Lyon Layden

Illustrations by Kenny Savage
Booklocker.com, Inc.
Genre: Children’s Fantasy
Rating: Very Good
ISBN: 9781601451224, $14.95, 156 pp.

I don’t get many children’s fantasy books to review, and I am not by any means an authority on this genre; however, I did read the book and can recommend it as enjoyable family reading material.

The Other Side of Yore is an enchanting adventure story about Frawg’s journey with his friends into Mudgunkland to save the world of Terramore from destruction by Cobraxas, king snake. All the flowers are dying, poisoned by the green smoke from the dark swamps, and the good King’s daughter, Princess Lilypad, has fallen into a deep sleep.

Included in this story are thirteen artfully illustrated drawings by Kenny Savage, plus poems, riddles and songs to delight children of all ages.

It is a delightful story–well-edited and designed–which I’m sure children will enjoy. Joseph Layden has been writing professionally for over ten years as a freelance journalist. The Other Side of Yore is his debut children’s fantasy novel,
and I wish he and Kenny much success in their creative efforts.

Reviewed by Kaye Trout - April 5, 2007


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