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Thursday, April 12, 2007


Authors OnLine Ltd
19 The Cinques, Bedfordshire, England
Genre: Memoir in novel form
Rating: Very Good
ISBN: 0755202627, $13.95, 156 pp.

During his teenage years Bill Mallory had a terrifying, violent experience which left deep, residual mental scars causing him to be excessively timid and afraid of confrontations. After a conversation with his boyhood Sunday school teacher, Mr. Graham, Bill made a decision to confront his fears and worked with dedication to strengthen his body and his mind. The results of his efforts changed him to the extent that he would then live the life he wanted.

Besides being a highly inspirational story, Dormant Courage is full of marvelous adventures which make this novel quite enjoyable. Barrie David has done a good job as a writer, and I would like to quote a excerpt to provide you with a sample of his writing, from page 141:

"As the aircraft engines drone their ceaseless lullaby high above the English Channel, everyone around me is switched off to the welcome oblivion of slumber. It really has been an intensely demanding two weeks.

"Sleep evades me as the events of the last five years randomly trawl through my mind and bring the laughter, the tears and the moments of nailbiting fear. Reflecting on the events that led to them, I conclude, with profound belief that anyone can do virtually anything if they draw on the infinite potential of their human spirit. Suddenly, as the warm grin of Mr. Graham looms into my thoughts, as if I have picked up a book I simply can’t wait to read, I settle back to a banquet of thoughts about him. With graphic ease I again watch him dismantle my ingrained self doubt before handing me two five pound notes and sending me off to discover the meaning of determination. I grin very broadly at the next scene showing a tiny figure in a vast green landscape of pouring rain. Amazingly, it all seems like yesterday. Only now do I remember my emphatic promise to go back and see him and as I do so I feel the mammoth elation of having come full circle. He said this moment would come and here it is. I am ready to go back."

If you have ever had any fears about relating with people or confrontations, this little story can’t help but be a wonderful inspiration . . . to us all. Dormant Courage is Barrie’s first published book and is based on actual events in his life. I wish him much success. Good show!

Reviewed by Kaye Trout - April 12, 2007


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