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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

THE COVERUP by William Daniel

BookSurge, LLC
Genre: Fiction/Mystery
Rating: Very Good
ISBN: 18663086235, $17.99, 415 pp.

The Coverup is a fictional mystery, suspense novel about multiple coverups starting with the 1947 mysterious crash near Roswell, New Mexico. Quoting from the back cover:

"Richard Cooper is an inherited millionaire and anthropologist. He has an encounter with the legendary El Chupacabra on a dig down in Mexico. Spending his inherited millions, he chases the creature across the south. John Barton, a former FBI agent who becomes a sheriff of a small town in south Texas, must solve the murder of Josh Hernandez, a local citizen. El Chupacabra visits Josh the night he dies. Sheriff Barton must prove that FBI director Jack Riley has killed Josh to cover up the visit. Bob Glass, a Cherokee Indian who owns an Indian resort in California, joins in on the chase. Together they uncover the real reason for the 1947 coverup."

If you have an interest in the Roswell story, you’ll probably enjoy this one, too. As far as William Daniel’s style and quality of writing, I’d say it’s straight forward and readable. I did at times feel, however, that I was reading a scriptwriter’s version of the story per the considerable detail to action and movements, plus some of the dialogue just didn’t ring true.

William Daniel and his wife live in Wake Village, Texas, where he works at an Army depot for the government. The Coverup is Mr. Daniel’s debut novel, and I wish him much success.

Review by Kaye Trout - April 24, 2007


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