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Monday, March 26, 2007

MOUNDS by R. E. Starr

Genre: Fiction
Rating: Very Good
ISBN: 1591138140, $17.95, 396 pp.

Mounds . . . mounds of the dead as monuments to a killing entity. The back cover tells us, "Open your mind and leap into, Mounds, a supernatural detective story introducing a myriad of 20th century characters following the trail of an ancient story of two intelligent and warring storms. These storms, the Ying and Yang of the skies, represent man’s constant struggle between the forces of good and evil."

The novel starts with a gathering storm and how a supernatural entity works within the clouds. ‘The Storm’ becomes the hurricane which devastated Galvestion, Texas, on September 8, 1900, and to which ninety children and ten nuns of St. Mary’s Orphans Asylum lost their lives.

Towards the end (pages 358-359) in this eternal battle, Starr writes:

"Bursting from the mound, the army of spirits rose as one, each on a mission to avenge their individual deaths and the deaths of their families, friends, and neighbors. Alandra combined and melded their anger into a unified weapon of destruction. Determined to recapture the earth from a scourge plaguing mankind since the beginning of time, the force surged up.

"Soaring towards a clash he considered suicidal, Aegis sensed the mound’s eruption. He sensed a rising source of energy.

"Aegis glanced toward the largest of the mounds dotting the landscape below. He witnessed a rising array of thousands. Although he had no clue who or what they might be, the rising tide radiated an immense source of energy as they gained altitude.

"Gohr scanned the sky below him. He discovered Aegis’ track. An unknown and rishing force confused him.

"What the . . .? Gohr paused his descent. He redirected his focus towards the unknow threat radiating vast sources of energy as it rose on an intersection path towards him.

"Not sure what he witnessed, Aegis sensed the rising army represented an ally, not an enemy. They’re joining me in a battle I’ve fought alone for eons.

"Aegis positioned himself at a point ahead of the charging warriors. He maintained a speed insuring he achieved first impact with Gohr. The joined forces charged without fear and without hesitation towards the immense structure streaming towards them. Aegis listened to Alandra and the millions of others who died at Gohr’s hands as they cried in unison. He wasn’t sure what they screamed. It resembled a shrieking tornado Gohr might have released and commanded to, Kill!!!!!!!! Kill!!!!!!!! Kill!!!!!!!!"

R. E. Starr is a good writer and Mounds is a fast-paced, uniquely interesting novel which I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Reviewed by Kaye Trout - March 26, 2007


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