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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Back From Bora Bora
by Sondra Luger
Llumina Press, Coral Springs, FL
Genre: Fiction/General
Rating: Good
ISBN: 9781595266088, $15.95, 240 pp.

About this story and I quote from the back cover:

"Eve Nelson is 30, head of sales at the New York Money management firm of Williams, Wetcliff, and Snell, and bored with her career. She would consider marriage, which would thrill her insistent, widowed mother, but as a ‘plain Jane’ who gets the respect, but not the eye, of men like handsome Bill Wetcliff, her chances are slim. She is outraged when George Snell, her fan and mentor, explains he is temporarily embarrassing her with a handsome male secretary and assigning her to supervision of national plans to attract and service the accounts of senior citizens, the top priority of Frederick Willard Williams, who has come out of his 20-year enforced retirement in Bora Bora and, at age 90, once again has controlling interest in W.W.&S.

"Into a large pot place one skirt-chaser, one sexy, easy mark, one independent ‘plain Jane,’ one love-sick underling, and one bossy mother. Stir in one hell-on-wheels, clever, stubborn, vengeful, five-times-married, woman-hating, ancient curmudgeon and step away. The lid is about to blow, and heaven help anyone who’s in its path!"

If you enjoy the intrigue of high finance with some romance and humor mixed in, this is a book for you. Sondra Luger is a good writer with excellent technical skills. Back From Bora Bora is her debut novel, and I wish her much success.

Reviewed by Kaye Trout - March 27, 2007


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