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Monday, February 26, 2007

A WORLD OF HIS OWN - In the Land of the Creoles by Arlette Gaffrey

Outskirts Press, Inc.
Denver, Co
Genre: Historical Romance
Rating: Good
ISBN: 097888910X, $13.95, 388 pp.

Arlette Gaffrey has put a lot of time and effort into providing us with this historical romance novel. To tell you what it’s all about, I quote from the back cover:

"A World of His Own is an epic saga of love, marriage and betrayal. Andre de Javon escaped the French Revolution as a child. Now as an adult, he arrives in New Orleans to start a new life. In due time, he becomes one of the wealthiest plantation owners in the Territory. He is helped by his mentor Jean-Claude Charlevoix, whose young daughter Julie Marie falls in love with Andre, and hopes he will wait for her to grow up and marry her. But, Andre marries Gabrielle Ste. Claire who turns his life into a nightmare. Gabrielle dies leaving Andre with her illegitimate son. As Julie Marie grows up, Andre realizes how much he loves her, and wants to marry her. But will Julie Marie still have him, a man who is eleven years her senior with an illegitimate child?"

Such is the essence of this novel, and I couldn’t have put it better. Arlette Gaffrey has a smooth, flowing style of writing which I believe will appeal to most romance readers, but particularly to those who like ‘fairytale-type’ romances, and I quote from page 380 to give you a sample of Ms. Gaffrey’s writing style:

"It was late in the evening when, finally, Andre opened his eyes.

Julie was curled up in a big chair near the hearth. When he saw her, Andre smiled. ‘What are you doing sitting over there?’

‘I didn’t want to disturb you. You needed your rest.’

‘Well, I am quite rested now.’ He grinned at her and pulled the covers back. ‘Come here, you sweet thing.’

Julie rose from the chair, crossed to the bed, slipped under the covers, and gave herself up to his wonderful lovemaking.

When their desire had been fulfilled, Andre smiled at her and, kissing her eyelids gently, said, ‘God must be very fond of me.’

‘I’m sure He is but why do you say that?’ Julie asked, a contented look on her face.
‘Because He gave me you, because He gave me such a wonderful father-in-law, and gave me such a beautiful little son. I am a very blessed man.’

An hour later, Julie rang for the food; and the two of them ate at a small table in front of the fire.

They spent the rest of the night in each other’s arms."

Arlette Marie Gaffrey is a French-Spanish Creole native of New Orleans, and she weaves her knowledge and background into her first historical romance novel. If you enjoy light romance, you won’t be disappointed in A World of His Own.

Reviewed by Kaye Trout - February 26, 2007


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