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Monday, January 29, 2007


BookSurge, LLC
Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy Adventure
Rating: Good
ISBN: 1419650661, $15.99, 352 pp.

Allow me to quote from the back cover: "First Moon, the first book in the Goddesses and Warriors series, starts us on a journey to a new genre, a new vision filled with sex and seduction, intrigue, violence and compassion, romance, mystery and adventure as we follow Darkasan, Dieema, and the other Warriors and Goddesses on the exotic planet called Androgynous Prime."

It is indeed difficult to classify a book by one genre when it is filled with all of the above; however, it would be a stretch to classify Warriors and Goddesses as a ‘new genre’. Modern fantasy is inextricably entangled with science fiction as many authors write in both fields or use elements of both in one or the other forms. Science fiction deals with the possible (though not necessarily probable), being based, however tenuously, on scientific (hard or soft) knowledge; fantasy deals with the impossible, being based on magic or the supernatural. What fantasy and science fiction share is a preoccupation with "other" worlds–science fiction with a universe that predictably follows laws of nature; fantasy with a universe boundlessly extended by the author’s imagination.

This is a story about tribes of women and tribes of men . . . fighting each other. It is indeed filled with all kinds of sex, seduction, and violence. If you enjoy reading sci fi/fantasy full of sex, you will most like enjoy this tale. Jerome Byrd is not an exceptional writer, but he is a good writer. I felt the theme was getting somewhat worn about two-thirds through and moved on to the end. Sex and the struggle between men and women is not enough to keep my interest for 339 pages, and keep in mind fantasy is not my favorite read.

Reviewed by Kaye Trout - January 29, 2007


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