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Monday, November 13, 2006


Outskirts Press, Inc.
Parker, Co
Genre: Fictional Spiritual Journey
Rating: Very Good
ISBN: 1598006355, $16.95, 277 pp.

John T. Lehman is a unique and interesting writer with an educated style of writing bound to appeal to those looking for something a little different . . . as is the protagonist in this memoir-like spiritual journey. The back cover tells us:
". . . Though he discovered he had nothing much to show for the bizarre happenings in his life. So he learned to live with them. We all do really. Some of us merely ignore the voices in our heads, the brush-up against the arm, and the dreams we dream that somehow find their way home and come true. I’d like to take you on a journey. See what I have seen, and judge for yourself. But don’t hold it against me. Welcome to my World!"

The characters certainly ring true and as usual, real life is more interesting than fiction. As for style and content, allow me to quote several excerpts from pages 261 and 265:

"The hourglass of time was inverted once again and the rhythm of its falling sands descended in tempo with the delicate flow of the Sound. Waterlily played along, while the early morning hours opened her orchestra with perennial pale white and yellow blooms of the island’s aquatic namesake. Osprey soared high above, and the coypu munched on vegetation as they swam about. A gentlest of breeze carried the tune that swayed and strummed the crops in her fields with the song. Dylan Martin embraced the captivating music with open arms. He was one with the earth. Learned to accept the teachings handed down through the ages, fighting for the few to tend to the many."

"I don’t know about anyone else who has an incurable disease and takes medication every day, but quality of time is much more important to me in the long run. I really can’t imagine spending what moments I have left on this planet, throwing up over myself or wasting away to skin and bones, or sitting back while I watch my hair and teeth fall out because of pills. I say let’s swallow the psychedelic mushroom or fire up that joint. Figure out where our minds can take us instead of stepping in all this horseshit we’ve been expected to walk through. And don’t get me started on government spending. All that money on defense to protect us from the possibility of war. We wouldn’t even be in that predicament in the first place if it weren’t for man shooting off his mouth or not allowing others to live out life the way they choose. This whole world is so screwed up. Scared of losing precious land and mineral rights while they’re killing our young in their little temper tantrums and wars. For what, possessions and control? What the hell happened to human decency?. . ."

"All people have to do is say, no. Stand up, and be counted. It’d wake up those little rabbits that are in control. Might keep them from running around screwing their brains out when no one’s looking, then use the time to stomp out what’s keeping our world from growing. Greed and racism. Oh yeah, and fear of expressing individualism. Jesus, that’s it! Anxiety felt when they believe one person is being as important as the whole, with the right to exist."

So, if you looking for an interesting read from a quality writer, I highly recommend Spirit of the Sound.

Reviewed by Kaye Trout - November 13, 2006


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