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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

PARK RIDGE - A Senior Center Murder by Cheryl Hagedorn

Genre: Fiction/Mystery
Rating: Good
ISBN: 1601450230, $14.95, 205 pp.

Park Ridge is traditional mystery genre with a touch of romance, and I quote from the back cover:

"On a day in late February, in a small, northwestern suburb of Chicago, four card players began the complex process of bidding for the privilege of calling trump. The winner, Jack Buchtel, named trump. The trump he named was murder."

This was a good read, primarily because Cheryl Hagedorn is a good writer. I must say, however, that I had a bit of a problem with the motivation for the murders. It seems these days that just about anything which annoys a person is an adequate reason to end another person’s life . . . and I don’t think this applies solely to senior citizens. That would be the only criticism I might make of this novel.

We know who the murderers are and so, the challenge is how the detective solves the crime and gets his girl. If you’re a mystery buff, you’ll most likely enjoy this well-written tale.
Reviewed by Kaye Trout - November 29, 2006


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