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Friday, November 17, 2006


Authors OnLine Ltd
19 The Cinques, Bedfordshire SG19 3 NU, England
Genre: Fictional Clerical Mystery
Rating: Very good
ISBN: 0755202457, $17.95, 328 pp.

Did William Clifford, the young priest of a small Welsh village, commit adultery or not?

Pat Knight tells Bill, the journalist sent to cover this story and who thinks "...a vicar that does actually manage to keep his trousers on, now that’s news", "...I wouldn’t say anything to you or anyone else that I haven’t already said, or would say, to his face. Is William guilty as charged? Yes, of course he is; he’s been at it for years. He’s not fussy, so long as it’s female, willing and not too ugly, he’s in there like a rat up a drain pipe."

However, in her trial testimony Mrs. Kathryn Williams stated, "If I were forced to give an opinion, I would say that William the priest probably would not be capable of such behavior. However, with regards to William the man, well – how can one put this delicately –? Let us just say that, in my experience, testosterone is usually more powerful than religion. I’m sure that priests are subject to the same temptations as other men, and I don’t suppose that William is any different. As to whether or not he succumbed, I’m afraid I have no idea." And there you have it, the heart of this tale–what is the truth and who will tell it?

To this reader, the real key and fascination here is Trefor Stockwell’s in-depth insight into human behavior–an obsessive form of love, control, pride, and revenge–and his skill to tell this compelling tale. His consummate style of writing puts him right up there with the best, and you won’t be disappointed.

Reviewed by Kaye Trout - November 17, 2006


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