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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

THE ROAD LETTERS by Phil Ribaudo

Aventine Press
Mountain View, CA
Genre: Fictionalized Memoir
Rating: Good
ISBN: 1593304293, $11.53, 276 pp.

The Road Letters is a novel about love, travel, personal growth and recipes. Phil Ribaudo has presented this pot-pourri of life in a unique, interesting manner–including an audio journal of Nick Anthony’s travels and thoughts, photographs, recipes and letters to Laura.

The book is well-written and well-edited, and if you’re interested in novels written with a unique twist, this story may appeal to you. If one aspect is not of interest, possibly another will be. If you are interested in travel and personal growth, I can certainly recommend this novel.

Phil is a native New Yorker who now calls San Francisco and the Bay Area his home. He is a private chef which adds to the value of the recipes he shares. In addition to The Road Letters, he has written The Princess and the Servant Boy, an illustrated fairy tale.

Reviewed by Kaye Trout - September 27, 2006


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