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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

QUALIFYING LAPS - A Brewster County Novel by Nash Black

IF Publishing
101 Evergreen, Jamestown, Kentucky
Genre: Fiction/Mystery
Rating: Very Good

ISBN: 1598005111, $21.95, 228 pp.

Qualifying Laps is a well-written, well-edited POD-published mystery as told my Jim Young, the youngest of the Young boys. It is your standard mystery genre, and if you like mysteries, you’ll probably enjoy this one. Jim and his brother Adam find an old dead body in the car that killed Catherine Throckton, some ten years past. Who killed Catherine, whose body is it?. . . and more.

I can certainly recommend this novel for its quality and action.

Nash Black is the husband and wife team of Ford Nashett and Irene Black. This is their first novel and I say, well done! Hope to see more.

Reviewed by Kaye Trout - September 27, 2006


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