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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I'M JUST A SURVIVOR - My Life, Before & After My Tour of Vietnam by Ritchie Wilson

Publish America
Genre: Memoir
Rating: Good
ISBN: 1413766579, $14.95, 67 pp.

Ritchie Wilson was a Marine at the age of sixteen and in Vietnam combat at the age of seventeen when he received his first Purple Heart. At that time, he weighed about 135 pounds and with gear . . . about 200 pounds. Can you imagine?

I’m Just A Survivor is a short book about some of Ritchie’s experiences while in Vietnam but also includes significant aspects of his life before and after his military service. It’s well-written and flows smoothly; however, it would be my recommendation that it be professionally edited and proofread.

I personally find honest, true stories more appealing than fiction because real life, when someone has the courage to share it, is far more amazing, thought-provoking and complex. Ritchie Wilson is one such honest writer, and therein lies the value in this book. Allow me to quote from pages 8 and 9:

"...At some point after the divorce, my mother met Mr. C. Smith and soon after they got married (oh joy our new dad). I was still very young, I think five years old. My sisters, JoAnn and Janet, one year older than I and Kitty one year older than the twins and Boosie one year older than Kitty.

"My mom worked days and went to school at night. Leaving us in the hands of this sexual pervert, giving him control over us. I guess he found that he had the opportunity and the time to fondle or sexually assault Kitty on many occasions. Over time, he decided to take things a little further by making me have sex with my sister, by touching my genitals until I became erect, then he would place me on top of Kitty, having her spread legs so he could insert my penis into her.

"He would move me back and forth, until, ‘I said, I have to go pee.’ He told me to pee inside my sister; it was ok.

"After I had ejaculated, he would put me aside, then he would get on top of her, trying to put his penis in her, or push his fingers in her, when she would tell him it hurts. Nevertheless, he would still try until he’d ejaculate by hand or on her vagina. He did this many times over the months; he would do the same with Boosie, or both with me being his starter on all occasions."

There are a lot of things that go on in real life which are hidden and not discussed, such as the above, and it takes considerable courage to bring them to the surface and put them out there for all to see. If you’re like me, and admire an honest writer–even with the minor grammar errors–you won’t be disappointed by this author and his story.

Reviewed by Kaye Trout - September 12, 2006


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