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Saturday, July 01, 2006

WISHING MAKES IT SO by Marilyn Meredith

Hard Shell Word Factory
PO Box 161, Amherst Jct, WI 54407
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Rating: Average
ISBN: 0759937605, $10.95, 164 pp, 2006

"Let No Good Deed Go Unpunished" might be another title for this book. Wishing Makes It So is a psychological thriller about a good, healthy family (Steven and Alyse Chrestman) who want to share their home and love with four-year-old Belinda Sleigh.

Belinda had come from an extremely abusive situation in which she’d witnessed her step-father fly out the window to his death, as she wished it so. To say that this small child caused havoc in her new home would be like saying Katrina was a wind that caused a little damage.

From the start, you know where the plot is going and what the conclusion may be, so it’s just a matter of how she wants to get you there. The idea of the "bad seed" child is not new. Marilyn Meredith is a competent writer but not one that grabbed or inspired me, plus some of the Chrestman’s behavior did not ring true for such intelligent, loving people–particularly Alyse’s forced bathing of Belinda her first night with them.

If you like psychological thrillers about "bad seed" children, of which I am not a fan, you might enjoy this book.

Marilyn Meredith has been a professional writer for many years. She is one of the founders of the San Joaquin CA chapter of Sisters in Crime and has served as an instructor for the Police Writers’ Association annual conference. You can find out more by sending an email to
books@harshell.com or going to www.hardshell.com.

Reviewed by Kaye Trout - July 1, 2006 - Copyright


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