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Monday, July 17, 2006

MAULED by Nolan C. Lewis

PublishAmerica, LLLP
Genre: Fiction/Mystery
Rating: Very Good
ISBN: 141371250, $19.95, 200 pp

Do you like classic murder mysteries?. . . John Dunning’s Bookman’s Wake; Robert B. Parker’s Spenser novels; Walter Mosley’s Devil in a Blue Dress; John D. MacDonald’s Travis McGee or John Sanford’s Lucas Davenport. If you do, then you’ll want to add Nolan Lewis’s Ankus Tom Hill and girlfriend Sherry to your list.

Nolan’s quality of writing and style are right up there with the best, plus Tom and Sherry are very human–sometimes fearful, just as you or I would be.

The heart and the fun of reading Mauled was meeting Tom, a freelance writer who was asked to cover a murder story for the local paper in a small Washington coastal town. Tom is quite the character from the beginning and I quote from page 7:

‘‘"Remembering the feel of a few minutes ago, I rolled over and snuggled against the warm body next to mine and ran a hand under the arm to explore. She is in at least one man’s opinion, a great example of how to distribute a hundred thirty-five pounds on a five foot four female frame, in order to attain the most tantalizing package possible. Sherry said, "Damn, didn’t you take care of that last night? Why don’t you go put a pot on like a good boy," as she turned firmly onto her stomach.

Knowing full well I was going to get nowhere, I gave up and rolled out into the cold air. First things first, a brief stop in the can. I couldn’t resist a look in the cloudy mirror as I washed my hands–I’m definitely not improving with age.

Blue eyes, rimmed by red from last night’s debauchery, in an elongated face that was much in need of a shave, peering out from between what I liked to call laugh lines. I never could figure why a beard should be so black in just twenty-four hours, when hair on top of the head was dishwater brown.

I shivered across the living room/office/kitchen to the sink to do as requested. A glance out the mildew-rimmed window and I knew why it was still half dark. Just the usual coastal weather for November: Wind and rain.""

To the end, quoting from page 195:

""We watched as the three were led off and the police cars vanished, one by one. I closed the door and turned. Sherry wrapped me up in her arms. I held her as she went from shivering to quiet and I thought it was over. Then I became aware of the wetness on my chest. She was crying quietly. Meaning to comfort, I wiped her face with my handkerchief and said, "It’s all over now. They won’t be coming back. We won’t have to worry about somebody busting down the door any more."

"Damn fool. Can’t you tell when I am happy?"

Women’s logic. Sometimes it escapes me. After a suitable interval I steered her to the bed. Some cuddling and she relaxed so I began to explore. I got no real objections until she murmured, "That’s all you ever think of."

I couldn’t let it pass. "That’s because that is all I ever get . . . to think about it.""

You’ll have to read the book to find out ‘who did it’ and ‘does he get it.’ And I’d certainly recommend it.

Nolan Lewis is an experienced writer with a rich background–newspapers, TV news and magazines. Besides Mauled he’s written Ione - Circa 1930 and his latest novel, Clouds Are Always White on Top, (an amazing story) which I reviewed in June.

Reviewed by Kaye Trout - July 17, 2006 - Copyright


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