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Saturday, July 22, 2006


Llumina Press
Genre: Fiction/Historical Romance
Rathing: Very Good
ISBN: 1595265996, $13.95, 195 pp, 2006

The British Zorro of the American Revolution - a mild-manner businessman who becomes the courageous Dark Knight in this fight for freedom - has lost his heart to Deborah McMasters, a petite, non-ladylike little fighter. Deborah is torn between her feelings for the gentle, loyal friend Christopher and for the mysterious Dark Knight. The only thing she fears is love.

The Dark Knight of Lancashire is a fun, page-turner. I read the entire book in one night. The historical perspective is interesting/informative and the romance builds throughout as Christopher and Deborah come to realize their love for each other. The rhythm, pace and tension pull you right along. The only place where the author lost my belief in the fantasy she was weaving was when the petite Deborah took the place of the large Dark Knight. The cover is dark, mysterious and attractively enticing.

To provide a sample of Pamela’s writing I quote from the epilogue:

"The Dark Knight was never to be seen nor heard from again, except in legends. Some say that he had come from the dark mist of the marshlands and returned there until he would arise once again to continue his tasks. Some say that he had returned to hell, where he was born. Still others say his ghost can still be heard on dark, dreary nights as he rides along the old marsh road, laughing his deep menacing laugh, with his evil smiling mask.

Yes, he was indeed spirited away - by an obligation he still had for his true home and country, America, and by the love of a beautiful woman who came into his life when he thought he had no reason to live."

I would recommend this book to young women who like historical romances on the light side and to anyone who enjoys Zorro-type stories.

Pamela J. Kerti has been writing since childhood. The Dark Knight of Lancashire is her debut novel and a fine accomplishment.

Reviewed by Kaye Trout - July 22, 2006 - Copyright


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