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Saturday, July 01, 2006

CHILDREN OF RHATLAN by Jonathan Fesmire

Lulu Printing
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy
Rating: Good
ISBN: 1411637194, $15.95, 276 pp, 2005

High fantasy at its best! Wizards, sorceresses, magic and the new duals.

In this story the duals are twins (Garum and Vayin) who have two bodies but share one life and one place in the world. For one to be present, the other must vanish.

The evil wizard Paterun who possesses the magical Claws of Rhatlan is possessed himself by the souls and voices of those he’s killed. The voices laugh as one in his mind. They hear his thoughts, and they talk to him.

"Duals can handle another voice in their minds, so why can’t I? The hair tingled along his arms. He looked toward the open shutters, eyes widening as a new idea formed. No light came through the horn windowpanes. Duals! Curse of Rhatlan, I believe they can handle it because they were born joined. They were made that way. What if I were a dual?

You’re a fool! the sorceress cried. The wizard cringed; he had neglected to hide his thoughts. Now, he made the effort.

She’ll know soon enough. I can’t hide everything from them. He rubbed his forehead. I can’t become a dual, but I could join with one, send my mind, all these minds, into one. Gods, I believe this will work!"

Now our evil wizard has a plan to free himself from the voices in his mind. Does he succeed? Only the tale will tell.

Jonathan Fesmire is an accomplished writer and artist. Children of Rhatlan will definitely appeal to children of all ages. Jonathan has a rich imagination and the ability to describe the world he sees in his mind. The magical mystical cover was created by Stephanie Law and is a work of art itself.

Other books by Jonathan include Tamshi’s Imp, Seeds of Vision and Amber in the Over World. You can find out more about Jonathan, his writing and his art by visiting his website at

Reviewed by Kaye Trout - July 1, 2006 - Copyright


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