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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Translator’s Kiss
Doug Murphy
2021 Pine Lake Road, Ste 100
Lincoln, NE 68512
Genre: Fiction/Romance
ISBN: 0595339557, $13.95, 170 pp, 2004

This is a simple, fun story about true love, at least from one side. Our protagonist, Michel Pernaud, is a translator by trade and a man with a good heart. He is in love with Sophie, who doesn’t fully appreciate or treat him very well; however, his love persists. His good heart gets him into and out of compromising situations with Bridgette, the attractive daughter of a French billionaire, with whom his employer is negotiating a major real estate deal. "Struggling between temptation and loyalty, ambition and integrity, Michel faces one challenge after another in a story that is sad and funny, romantic and heartwarming." Throughout we hope Michel will find the woman who can appreciate his good qualities and return his true love.

The book is well-written and is a fast, pleasant read. The author knows how to tell a good story to keep you guessing.

Doug Murphy lives in Virginia where he works as a physician in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (physiatry). In my interview with him, he shared that he likes playing with his imagination and telling stories in print and thought that perhaps he had a bit of the Irish storyteller in him. Other books by this author include The Griffon Trilogy: Part I (with Andrea Murphy) which I reviewed in April. Books in process include: The Griffon Trilogy: Parts II and III and Sexsomnia (book about parasomnias).

Thanks for the fun read.

Reviewed by Kaye Trout - May 1, 2006 - Copyright


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