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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

SEA CHANGE by Marguerite Bell

Sea Change
Marguerite Bell
Authors Online, Ltd
40 Castle Street, Hertford SG14 1HR, England
Genre: Fiction/Historical Romance
ISBN: 0755200543, $18.95, 232 pp, 2002

Tears . . . I am still recovering from this poignant love story. I guess I’ll always be a hopeless romantic, and Marguerite Bell knows how to work her magic. She is a consummate writer when it comes to the Napoleonic Era and will spark your imagination and passions.

The year is 1803. England and France have a tenuous peace at the moment. Little Letty Craythorne, sister to Sarah and daughter of the Admiral, agrees to marry Captain Oliver Westland of the British Navy who was jilted by sister Sarah. Immediately after the marriage Oliver leaves for Antigua without consummating the marriage.

A year later Letty is summoned to join her husband and during the voyage to Antigua, she is abducted by the French Captain Armand d’Anviers as war has begun between England and France. They sail the Atlantic together for two months until Captain Oliver Westland’s ship arrives to reclaim his wife. Of course, Letty and Armand have discovered a truly passionate love, which has no hope for a life together.

The story is complex and rich with intrigue, human foibles, love and compassion. The author doesn’t miss a beat, and her rhythm carries you right along to a tearful, yet satisfying conclusion.

Other books by this author include: A Rose for Danger, The Devil’s Daughter, Bride by Auction and The Distant Drum. The Pride of Eagles will be published sometime this year. She also writes under the name of Ida Pollock and books under this name include: The Gentle Masquerade, Lady in Danger, The Uneasy Alliance, Country Air and Summer Conspiracy.

It is my opinion that Marguerite Bell’s writing is of exceptional quality, and she is certainly an equal to Amanda Quick for historical romance. I believe her books are well known in England, and I wish her much success in the United States.

Reviewed by Kaye Trout - May 9, 2006 - Copyright


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