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Saturday, April 08, 2006


The Rose Sisters Trilogy
Victoria Rose
Outskirts Press
10940 S. Parker Rd - 515, Parker, CO, USA
ISBN: 1598001663, $15.95, 399 pp. 2005


This story is about three sisters from the destroyed planet Gareth who come to Earth. Gareth was a smaller, older planet, and the sisters’ brains, bodies and culture are more evolved than ours. There are three sisters and three interwoven stories.

I found this book to be uniquely different from the standard run-of-the-mill, formula-type novels, as it does not fit into one particular genre. It is really multi-genre, and if I had to classify it, I'd select science fiction/new wave: science fiction because it's about alien, shape-shifting women and new wave because it deals with the softer sciences–psychology, ecology, sociology, overpopulation, religion. However, there are strong facets of romance, mystery and erotica.

I can't say this is a fast-paced read because there are technical, historical, and philosophical elements which, if you want to learn something from the book, you need to slow down to absorb. She includes factual material about the physics of light, sexual anatomy, functions and areas of the brain, dance theories of Isadora Duncan, Native American cuisine and recipes, and historical information about Comanche Indians.

Her style of writing is smooth, her characters come to life, and there are elements of humor. The author’s theme is strong and clear. Here is an excerpt: (Christina is telling Mac something about her culture.)

"Wars . . . why would we have wars? We are all one community working to care for our planet and our future generations. I'm sorry, but because your people do not understand that they are one community, they are not caring for your living planet very well. Actually, they are slowly killing it out of ignorance, greed, and selfish desires for power and control. Why would intelligent people want to drop bombs and make holes in the living organism that feeds them? Why would they want to pollute the air they breathe and the water they drink? My sisters and I have concluded that the level of human intelligence among the leaders of your countries is not very high. A simple ant colony has more intelligence."

This novel is a compelling blend of fact and fiction and would appeal to adult readers who are looking for something different–an educational, fun, thought-provoking story. The climax may not be as dramatic as some might like, and there is an issue which is not resolved–the hook for her sequel, Trust Me, the Devil Said.

Other books by Victoria Rose include: Cloud Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown (the erotic version of The Rose Sisters Trilogy); Christina - A Sci-Fantasy Romance; Toni - A Sci-Fi Fantasy Romance; Josy - A Sci-Fi Romance; Trust Me, the Devil Said, and her first nonfiction book, Ladies, Are You Lost? - Options for Women in Unhealthy Relationships.

Reviewed by Nicki Van Ness - April 8, 2006 - Copyright


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