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Thursday, April 13, 2006

THE GRIFFON TRILOGY by Andrea & Douglas Murphy

The Griffon Trilogy
Andrea & Douglas Murphy
Published by: Andrea & Douglas Murphy
Booklocker.com, Inc.
Genre: Medical/Thriller
ISBN: 1931391912, $13.95, 236 pp, 2001

About the story . . . quoting from the back cover, and I couldn't have said it better:

"A beautiful young woman suffers a brain injury during an accident in a car chase. The medical rescue team helicopters her to the local community hospital, and ultimately she end up on the service of Dr. John Bishop, a handsome, rehab doctor only a few years out of his residency. Despite a stable medical condition, she dies suddenly and mysteriously in the middle of the night. The event throws the young doctor into unexpected crises as he is caught between an angry, unforgiving family and an international crime cartel bent on his destruction. The struggle for truth and exoneration takes John through some of the most trying adventures of his life as he travels the world in search of answers. The Griffon Trilogy: Part I brings into focus some of the toughest questions surrounding science and medicine in a story that tears at the fabric of life in a blend of danger, mystery and romance."

Although this is a familiar story, the authors make this mystery thriller a page-turning read. The first few lines, besides being the hooker, give you a sense for the authors' poetic ear . . . "On a humid August day at dusk, a beautiful woman in her twenties drove recklessly down a winding country road outside of Baltimore, Maryland in a navy, 500 series BMW. Her hands were sweating from fear, and repeatedly she glanced into the rearview mirror toward the empty road behind."

Dr. John Bishop does indeed find himself in a big mess, and it is his ex-girlfriend, Cristina Gabriella "Gabby" Elizabeth Stavros, who guides and helps him in his search for information about the dead woman, Eva Bentley. Gabby is always handing him a plane ticket and sending him off to some foreign place--Budapest, Hungary to start. The mysterious Rudolf, who hands him an envelope, tells him: "You have stepped on the tail of the dragon and you do not know it. . . . The forces in this country, against which I fight, know about your trip and your purpose. For them you know too much and thus now they want to killl you. Assassination is one of their strengths. Stay more than two or three days here and you are a dead man. So my last message is, get out. Fast. Take the next plane out of here." The death of others and attempts on his life follow Dr. Bishop everywhere he goes.

It certainly must be wonderful to have the imagination to create the unusual and interesting situations in which John finds himself and how he gets out of his predicaments. It is my take that the story is heavy on intrigue and mystery and light on the romance. Genetic engineering and worldwide crime cartels are indeed contemporary issues of concern.

It is my opinion that this is a well-written page-turner and kept my interest to the end. I liked their style of writing and especially appreciated the darker print, which made for easier reading.

I do not know much about Andrea but Doug Murphy lives in Virginia where he works as a physician in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (physiatry). Doug has written a second book titled, Translator's Kiss.

Reviewed by Kaye Trout - April 13, 2006 - Copyright


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