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Sunday, March 12, 2006

TRANS-LIGHT-ELEMENT by Michael Irvin Bosley

Trans-Light Element - The Open Door
Michael Irvin Bosley
Outskirts Press
10940 S. Parker Rd - 515, Denver, CO, USA
ISBN: 1598002309, $10.95, 154 pp, 2005

This science fiction story is about the Reuel family–their daily lives, beliefs, problems, and challenges. Dr. Gamiel Reuel, a scientist, and his son, Ben–following in his footsteps–make a significant discovery which changes their lives immediately and will change the world, ultimately. This is the first book in a series about the Trans-Light-Element (TLE), a new element.

As I’m not an avid science fiction reader, I have to admit that some of the technical jargon at times was beyond me. However, I did understand that three fields–the electromagnetic, the gravitational, and the nuclear–had come together in critical mass ratios which caused an accident. I was hooked by page 10 when I read:

"You see, Ben, it’s a matter of mass. Time is a function of the gravitational field of our planet. I suspect it is even more a function of our Sun’s gravitational field; but my point is this. Time is not a constant. It changes rates and fluctuates depending upon our relationship to gravity fields around us. To those of us in earth’s gravity field, no rate changes can be monitored because we all change together. Gravity is a function of mass."

To readers who avoid fiction because they think it’s trivial and of no value, I say . . . you don’t know how to read or what you’re missing. Although this book is primarily about an accidental discovery, and the subsequent danger to Dr. Reuel’s family, allow me to quote from the heart of the story:

""Ben let out his breath and said, "Here we go again. So, what is our plan?"

"Ben, we are going to give ourselves a little buffer time. We have reached a time in our nation’s history when the political climate that faces us is quiet sophisticated and corrupt. Under the law, we still enjoy freedoms and privileges guaranteed by the Constitution; however, where power and money are concerned–individuals have opportunity to abuse both. In many cases, by the time the courts have a chance to react to redress grievances, irreversible damage is done. It was not the intention of our founding fathers that ordinary citizens should wait around to become victims of abuse. We are agents of liberty with the right to act to avoid and prevent such abuse. In situations like this, there are two kinds of people, victims or victors. People develop a habit of being one or the other."

Ben nodded his understanding. He had noticed how some people seem to thrive on waving their ‘I am a poor victim flag.’

Gamiel continued, "The Constitution continues to serve us well; but there never was a time in the history of our nation when power did not threaten to steal our freedoms. It has been a continuous struggle. Many brave Americans have sacrificed their lives to bear this precious gift to the next generation. Freedom is not free, and we must always carefully balance our enjoyment with a willingness to do what is necessary to preserve the Constitution–even in the face of personal disaster."

Ben nodded as they both continued working.

Gamiel continued talking. He was on a roll. "I took an oath in the Navy to do just that–defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. When I left the military to become a civilian, I was released from that legal obligation; but now I have a higher obligation–as a citizen, in the spirit of the intent of our Fore-Fathers, to do all I can to preserve individual freedom and dignity weighed against the demands of the body politic.""

As you can surmise from the quoted excerpts above, Michael Bosley is an accomplished writer who has something to say and says it well. His POD published book has been attractively designed and produced. This book will appeal to science fiction readers and those looking for a continuing, suspenseful mystery.

Reviewer: Kaye Trout - March 12, 2006 - Copyright


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