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Saturday, March 04, 2006

THE LARSKY GANG by Stefan S. Mosley

The Larsky Gang
Stefan S. Mosley
Outskirts Press
10940 S. Parker Rd - 515, Denver, CO USA
ISBN: 1932672516, $12.95, 246 pp, 2005

Robert Caldwell was a loving father and husband whose life was destroyed in a flash of fate. He saw his family shot to pieces when he was apprehended on a bogus charge of drug trafficking. Federal Judge Andrew Larsky, Attorney Larry Flanagan, Chip Rheinfeld, and George Ramsey were the four men responsible for his years of hell in San Quentin State Prison where he was raped nightly. The sentence was twenty-five years, but he saved the life of guard Jim McAuliffe and reentered society after serving nineteen.

After all those years of humiliation and degradation, he was initially at a loss after being released (I would be too and personally would not have survived nineteen years of nightly rape). He got on a bus for San Francisco, and the driver, Jack Malinek, (the only juror at his trial who believed in his innocence) befriended him (not knowing who he was at the time).

When Judge Larsky read of Caldwell’s release, he called a meeting at his home. It was Larry Flanagan’s recommendation that they eliminate Caldwell. Larsky’s housekeeper overheard the plan and informed the authorities.

Caldwell was placed under a tight witness protection program in which he underwent facial surgery and was given a new identity, while at the same time multiple international agencies built a tight, drug-trafficking case against the gang. During his recovery from facial surgery, he met Katherine, an FBI agent nurse with whom he developed an intimate relationship.

Quoting from the book’s webpage: "Soon after, the events erupt in a massive international operation covering Asia, South America, Afghanistan, Europe and the United States; involving faith, judicial misconduct, international terrorism, politics, intrigues and narcotics trafficking that bring in their wake unprecedented riots and disorder to the United States and culminated in the "9/ll" events and what may have been the real cause behind the immense tragedy.

Despite his initial resolve, Caldwell reluctantly succumbs to the chain of events that have taken over his life, and is dumbfounded how those who did him wrong perish one by one, and how fate rushes him to his full vindication and a reward he never dreamed of, without him moving a finger!"

Stefan Mosley has an unusually distinct style of writing, and his story propelled me right along. I have to admit that I was impressed with his knowledge of national and international organizations, multiple languages and cultures. If I were to offer constructive criticism, I would suggest . . . you don’t need all those exclamation marks and make the intimate . . . a little more intimate and not so "sweet."

You won’t be disappointed if you're looking for a different style of writing . . . different from the genre mill. As it states on the back cover: "THE LARSKY GANG is a compelling blend of facts and fiction packaged into a moving story about an innocent man and the perils of the modern-day life."

Through his writing, one thinks they might catch a glimpse of Stefan Mosley–a sensitive, caring man. The Larsky Gang is the author’s debut as a published writer. Kudos to you, Stefan S. Mosley

Reviewer: Kaye Trout, March 3, 2006, Copyright


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